Cleo and her first set of Puppies

AKC Bichons for Breeders for 30 Years.

It all started when our three daughters were in Elementary School. They all came to us wanting a Puppy. How do you say no to your three daughters? Both Darlene and I were great with the idea, but as the father, I was asking the important questions.

How much do they cost? – It was $ 900 at that time they had just become popular

How Much do they eat? – I had visions of feeding a horse.

How Much do they Poop? – Again knowing somehow I would end up cleaning up after them

How Much shedding hair will I have to get off my pants before I head to Church?

So after much thought, we decided on Bichon Frise Breed –

Somehow that ended up with Our Family having One Male and 9 females. We had puppies all the time, all year long. Now that Kids are gone we just have three for house pets – Whew …Now we can sit back and have our memories with a smile on our face.

Anyway we will be providing you with articles helping you take care of and cherish these Little Puppies – God Bless Darlene + Greg